New Survey: The Impact of COVID Reinfections

The Patient-Led Research Collaborative is working to better understand how being reinfected by COVID-19 may increase the risk of developing long COVID. You can participate in their research by completing their survey.
A woman wearing a mask to prevent infection from COVID-19.

As Americans continue to be exposed to COVID-19, understanding the risks of reinfection is an urgent issue. Current studies suggest that the symptoms of COVID-19 and long-term health risks worsen with each infection. However, more research is needed to identify how to severe these risks are and how COVID-19 reinfection affects people who have already developed long COVID.

The Patient-Led Research Collaborative is studying this issue with a new survey, titled “Online Survey on the Health Outcomes of COVID-19 Reinfections,” that members of the public are invited to complete.

Please complete this brief survey to support this important research. Everyone worldwide is welcome to complete the survey, whether you have had COVID-19 once, multiple times, or have not yet had it. The aggregated data will be used to inform a report and new research opportunities.

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