Pandemic Patients Launches Campaign to Deliver Critical Support to Disabled Long COVID Patients.

With this campaign, Pandemic Patients will expand the availability of disability support services for people with long COVID.
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Characterized by chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, and organ damage, long COVID is a common consequence of COVID-19 infection, and it is keeping millions of Americans out of work. Up to 41% of non-hospitalized adults with COVID-19 will develop long-term symptoms after the initial infection. Workplace disability benefits commonly help employees maintain their income when they are unable to work due to illness or injury, but people with long COVID face significant barriers to obtaining those benefits.

Patients lack clear diagnostic criteria and laboratory tests for long COVID, which places them at a disadvantage when disability insurance companies demand objective medical documentation to establish their eligibility for benefits. As a result, many people with long COVID are pushed into poverty because they cannot work, and they are unable to obtain disability benefits. Countless long COVID patients cannot afford the help of an attorney to secure their eligibility for disability benefits, and many have exhausted their savings after being forced to exit the workforce.

On November 13, 2023, Pandemic Patients launched a fundraising campaign to expand their legal services programs. With the funds raised through this campaign, Pandemic Patients will hire additional staff to help long COVID patients file for disability benefits and appeal the wrongful denial of their benefits. By expanding these services, Pandemic Patients will deliver critical support to long COVID patients who are threatened by bankruptcy, homelessness, and unemployment.

“Long COVID left me unable to work and I was repeatedly denied when I applied for disability benefits. Pandemic Patients was there for me when I needed help.” -Kerri McCrossen

Your support at this time is critical, as Pandemic Patients is the only organization that is providing direct legal support exclusively to people disabled by long COVID.

You can be a hero today by donating to our fundraising campaign. Can we count on you to support vulnerable long COVID patients?

Founded on May 26, 2021, Pandemic Patients is a 501(c)(3) patient advocacy organization that connects people affected by COVID-19 with pro bono legal services. Since the organization’s Pandemic Legal Assistance Network (PLAN) was established in July 2022, Pandemic Patients has been assisting long COVID patients with legal issues related to disability and employment. Through this program, Pandemic Patients has helped long COVID patients obtain their disability benefits through their workplace disability insurance policies and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program.

I have long COVID, how can I help?

Our campaign includes opportunities for long COVID patients to share their stories by recording videos and submitting them to us through Vocal Video. We’ve made it very easy to submit a video using your smartphone or laptop, so check out our video collection page to share your story with us! As we receive videos, our multimedia team will cut them into short clips that we will share across our channels during the campaign. People who share a video with us will be entered to win a $100 gift card!
We will announce one new video prompt each week, so make sure you’re subscribed to our updates to get notified when a new storytelling opportunity is available.

Can I create my own fundraising page?

Yes! As you can see on our campaign page, we have several people fundraising for this campaign. Competition for that #1 spot on the leaderboard is fierce, as our top fundraiser will receive a 1-page feature in our upcoming 2023 Annual Report. Follow this link to create your personal fundraising page for our campaign.

Can my company donate to the fundraising campaign?

Yes! We accept corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Contact Andrew Wylam (a.wylam@pandemicpatients.org) and he will work directly with you on your idea for partnership or sponsorship.

Can I pledge matching funds?

We would be absolutely thrilled if you could pledge matching funds for our campaign! Contact Andrew Wylam (a.wylam@pandemicpatients.org) and he will work directly with you on your matching funds pledge.

Can I donate something other than cash?

Yes! We also accept donations of stock and cryptocurrency.

Can I mail a check?

Yes! You can mail your check to our business address:
ATTN: Pandemic Patients
1165 Broad St. #313
Sumter, SC 29150
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Our Vision for 2024

Pandemic Patients achieved great progress in 2023 and looks ahead to 2024. Continue reading to learn about our recent progress and our plans for the coming year.

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