Pandemic Patients Launches COVID-19 Advocacy Center


Patients and survivors of COVID-19 are mobilizing around the country to advocate for changes to policy to support their needs. To amplify these efforts, Pandemic Patients has launched the COVID-19 Advocacy Center, which provides resources for individuals who want to take an active role in pushing for change among the state legislatures and Congress. The COVID-19 Advocacy Center highlights current and upcoming advocacy opportunities across the country, with step-by-step instructions on how to participate. Additionally, the COVID-19 Advocacy Center features an Engagement Toolkit that provides guidance for individuals who are getting involved for the first time. With these resources, patients and survivors of COVID-19 can learn how to tell their personal story more effectively, how to identify opportunities to get involved with the legislative process, how to persuade policymakers to take action, and more! You can also access the Engagement Toolkit below.

The COVID-19 Advocacy Center is updated regularly, so be sure to watch for emails from us when new opportunities are posted. You can subscribe to our mailing list here.