Some people develop disabling long-term health issues following a COVID-19 infection. Referred to as “long COVID,” this disease has affected millions of adults in the United States. Some long COVID patients have symptoms so severe they cannot work. Unfortunately, long COVID is often not properly recognized as a disabling condition by employers, healthcare practitioners, and insurance companies. This has prevented patients from obtaining support in the workplace and eligibility for disability benefits.


To address this, Pandemic Patients helps people with long COVID through the difficult process of applying for disability benefits. Pandemic Patients also helps people with long COVID enforce their rights when they experience disability discrimination in the workplace. We need your support to continue this important work.


Your generous donation to Pandemic Patients today will help us ensure people with long COVID receive the support and services they need to live their best lives.

Checks can be mailed to:


Pandemic Patients

1165 Broad St. #313

Sumter, SC 29150


Donations of cryptocurrency can be made through Coinbase.

Donations of stock can be made through Donate Stock.

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