Policy Priorities

The mission of Pandemic Patients is to relieve the harm caused by COVID-19 and Post-COVID Conditions. To advance this mission, Pandemic Patients engages with state legislators, Congress, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders to advocate for changes to public policy that address the needs of patients and survivors of COVID-19. To guide this work, Pandemic Patients has identified several policy priorities, which are described below.

Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

We believe that the most effective strategy for reducing the harm caused by COVID-19 is to prevent new infections from occurring.

Pandemic Patients supports policies that:

  • Raise awareness about COVID-19 and Post-COVID Conditions;
  • Equip Americans with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to protect themselves against COVID-19;
  • Limit the spread of misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19; and
  • Deploy safe and effective strategies for COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Empower Patients and Survivors

We believe that the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic should be centered on the empowerment and inclusion of patients and survivors of COVID-19. 

Pandemic Patients supports policies that:

  • Advance clinical treatment guidelines for COVID-19 and long COVID to improve the quality of care received by COVID-19 patients and survivors;
  • Improve COVID-19 patients and survivors’ access to health insurance, critical safety net programs, and pandemic relief programs;
  • Prioritize the inclusion of COVID-19 patients and survivors in every step of the clinical research lifecycle (patient-centered research); and
  • Support the ability of disabled COVID-19 patients and survivors to maintain gainful employment and participation in public life.

Enhance the Safety of Shared Spaces

We believe that safer shared spaces, including schools, restaurants, workplaces, government buildings, and public transportation, are necessary to reduce COVID-19 infections.

Pandemic Patients supports policies that:

  • Implement effective strategies for reducing the spread of COVID-19 in shared spaces;
  • Advance workplace safety standards that are responsive to the danger presented by COVID-19; and
  • Promote remote access to education, employment, and medical care.

Invest in Public Health

We believe that the government should prioritize public health investments to address the harm caused by COVID-19.

Pandemic Patients supports investments that:

  • Advance biomedical research for new vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for COVID-19 and long COVID;
  • Increase the nation’s health care capacity;
  • Fund programs, services, and supports for patients and survivors of COVID-19; and
  • Improve public health surveillance and epidemiological research.
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