Day: March 6, 2023

Daily News Pulse for March 06, 2023

Summary: A study found that people with post-acute COVID-19 had an increased risk of cardiovascular events and excess all-cause mortality. An outbreak of COVID-19 at a South Yarmouth nursing home has left five dead and over 90 infected. A Russian scientist who helped develop the Sputnik V vaccine was found dead in his apartment and a man was arrested for strangling him.

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Daily Research Pulse for March 06, 2023

Summary: SARS-CoV-2’s direct ancestors remain unknown, but molecular epidemiology suggests close relatives with high zoonotic potential were circulating prior to the pandemic. Vitamin C administration can reduce ACE2 protein levels and prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection. A young man with COVID-19 symptoms developed ischemic priapism, likely due to thrombosis of penile vessels caused by the virus.

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